Water Conservation Saves Money

We are in the midst of the most serious drought in decades. Since May, all of California has been in a “Severe Drought” with over half of the state being categorized as in “Extreme Drought” conditions. Due to seriousness of these conditions, on July 15 the State Water Resources Control Board approved emergency regulations to increase water conservation by water providers and their customers. The new regulations identify four prohibited water uses and offer water providers the option of fining offenders up to $500 per violation.

Prohibited uses of potable water:

  • Outdoor watering that causes runoff onto adjacent property, including sidewalks and streets
  • Washing vehicles with a hose that does not have an automatic shut-off nozzle
  • Washing driveways and sidewalks, except to address immediate health and safety purposes
  • Operating a fountain or decorative water feature that does not have a recirculating system


Solano County Wayer Agency’s Current Rebates!


WasherThe Solano High Efficiency Washer Rebate Program
The water agency is partnering with PG&E to provide a combined rebate of $200 to qualified Solano water customers who purchase qualifying high-efficiency washing machines. Visit www.waterenergysavings.com for additional terms and conditions.

SmartIrrigationSmart Irrigation Controller Rebate Program
Install a qualifying smart controller to irrigate your existing landscape and you could receive up to $300, $700, or $1000 depending on the number of stations. Please call 800-366-6995 for complete program details and to apply for the rebate.

ToiletRebateHigh Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program
Replace your old high-use toilets with new High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs). HETs use a minimum of 20% less water than standard 1.6 gallon per flush toilets. Rebates are given up to $100. For more information please call 866-367-3442, ext. 376 or visit www.conservationrebates.com

LandscapingWater-Efficient Landscaping Rebate Program
Replace your thirsty lawn with water-efficient landscaping & Receive $1.00 per square foot, up to $1000 maximum. Please read the terms and conditions before you remove your lawn. For more information or to schedule a pre-inspection, call 707.455.1113